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On the road up to 1.0 there is one thing, that we’ve been lacking in, that we need more of: Lots of jQuery bloggers!

With my commitment to squishing bugs in the jQuery core, adding new features, writing documentation – I just don’t have time to keep the blog updated with all the hot new projects that are coming out.

So, here is what I’d like: I’d like to turn the jQuery blog into a group blog, discussing jQuery, Javascript, jQuery Plugins/Projects/Apps, AJAX – anything that relates back to jQuery or Javascript. The blog currently has around 800-900 readers – which is decent, considering that I haven’t put much time into it (It’s also ranked in the top 6000 on Technorati).

I see this as being a great opportunity for different members of the diverse jQuery audience to really come together – especially for those who don’t feel confident committing code changes.

Here are some of the ideas that I’ve come up with, for blogging “positions”:

  • jQuery on the Web (find people writing and building with jQuery,
    and talk about it)
  • jQuery on the List (collect and talk about all the projects and
    news that take place on the mailing list)
  • Weekly List Recap (Recap the important events/discussions of the
    mailing list every week)
  • jQuery News (Project Announcements, bug fixes, etc – this will
    probably be done by me)
  • jQuery Hacks (Cool things that you can do with jQuery – compare
    with other libraries)
  • Javascript News (Report on new techniques, libraries, hacks – whatever)
  • jQuery International (The jQuery user base is all over the globe –
    having articles/sections in other languages would be fantastic!)

If we can get even half of this up and running, we will definitely become a top blog for Javascript news – which would be good in so many ways.

If this project interests you, please reply to this post, or email me personally. I’d also like to see a sample of your code and/or writing (if I haven’t seen it already). If you have any ideas, feel free to bring them up, I’m all ears!

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