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I’ve slowly been moving jQuery over to SVN during the past month, with the move being nearly complete now. So, if you wish to keep track of jQuery through Subversion (and make sure you always have the latest code), you can do so via:

  • The jQuery SVN Web Interface (This will probably soon change to a Trac-based installation.)
  • Or checking the code out manually using:
    svn co svn://

The biggest changes left to come to the repository is the creation of branches to keep track of the different versions of code, along with some solid, reliable, versioning for the main code base. I’ll have more specific news about that update, soon. If you have any questions concerning the code in the repository, or if you’d like to be able to commit, be sure to drop the the mailing list.

2 thoughts on “SVN Access to jQuery

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  2. proph3t on said:

    I noticed you are working on fixing the fx bugs, the latest dev already has a quick fix for the overflow and position bugs I wrote about for the mailing list. You truly are dedicated and I appreciate your work tremendously.