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Mark Constable has created an excellent, and well-documented, resource for some interesting advanced jQuery Examples.

The examples range from the simple (such as fading text in and out) to the complex (such as live searching or input field focusing). All of the examples are fully documented, which makes this a great place to learn some new techniques from.

Also, Mark provides a simple format for submitting new examples, so I imagine that this repository will only grow in size (it’s already up to 10 entries). So check it out and be sure to thank Mark for all his hard work!

6 thoughts on “Repository of jQuery Examples

  1. Cool. Looks like it could drive a lot of eyes :) I like the way the format between the ‘readme’ the ‘example’ and the ‘source’. Makes for an excellent showcase of everything a developer is looking for.

  2. Does anyone have Stefan Petre’s ( email. I can’t get the sortables to work in Safari 2.0.3 and was curious if there is a bug or if something has been left out.

    Anyone have any clues?

  3. Dan Acuff on said:

    Great examples. I wish more were IE6 ready as the business world still uses this browser.