AJAX new FX and more!

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The new AJAX plugin for jQuery is ready – and if you’re running off of the latest code, it’s already rolled in. Along with that, there are a few new effects to be enjoyed: fadeIn, fadeOut, and center. I’ve also squished a number of bugs, which have gone into this release too:

  • A problem with using the $(…,Context) argument, with non-HTML documents has been resolved.
  • It’s now possible to pass in a jQuery object as a context: $(“title”,$(“head”));
  • A problem with attributes not resolving properly in IE has been fixed.
  • Another issue with toggling inline elements has been fixed.

The next release is going to be focusing on additional helper methods to make it easier to navigate documents (and rely less on cryptic XPath sequences) along with methods to avoid continuous .get(0) use. If you’d like to discuss jQuery’s development, please join us in the mailing list or in the irc channel.

12 thoughts on “AJAX new FX and more!

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  2. ;) I can only congratulate you for doing this continous & great work. I only miss an “sortables” fx… :P
    To request is free!

  3. abba bryant on said:

    Just a question about the plugins in general. Are they called automagically when a feature is used? Do I need to include a js file for each plugin? Are they included in the latest js source by default?

    I just want to know..
    a) how I can reference the functions…
    b) and if they bloat the js load regardless of need.

    Thanks. Drop me a line.

  4. Leif Olsen on said:

    Problem with removeClass:

    I am using hypenated class names, and this can mess things up a little bit when class names are to closely related, e.g. ‘class-a class-b’.

    The following example shows an odd;-) situation:
    ‘odd-even even odd-even odd even-odd’.removeClass(‘odd’) should return: ‘odd-even even odd-even even-odd’ but returned value is: ‘-even even-even even-‘

    I do not have thorough knowledge of RegExp, but this is what I came up with (after a litte trial an error) to circumvent the problem:

    var s = ‘odd-even even odd-even odd even-odd’;
    var c = ‘odd’
    var my = s.replace(new RegExp(‘\\s*\\b([^-])’+c+'($|\\b(?=[^-]))’, ‘g’), ”);
    alert(‘s: [‘ + s + ‘].replace(‘+ c +’)-> jq: [‘ + jq + ‘], my: [‘ + my + ‘]’);

    This RegExp deletes the class ‘odd’ as expected.
    I am not shure that this RegExp is the most optimal, but I think you need to do something with the regexp in removeClass metod; feel free to use my mod if you find it sufficient.

    Leif Olsen

  5. Wow, another great addition to your library. I really like how you approached the otherwise complex idea of AJAX. One thing that I am missing is some sort of facility for a timeout callback. I have a feeling that it would not be a particularly difficult thing to implement, but I think it would benefit a lot of users.

    Again, thanks for this awesome library.