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I’d like to take this opportunity to announce the jQuery blog. With jQuery having been announced just over a week ago, the response has been enormous. Making it to both popular and the front page of digg just shows how badly Javascript programmers want a better library for writing code with. I’m going to be using this blog to detail the changes that’ve been made to the code, announcing new features, and giving plenty of real-world example. I already have a lot lined up – and I’m looking forward to pushing this forward! As always, if you have any questions concerning jQuery, please feel free to email me.

6 thoughts on “Announcing the jQuery Blog

  1. Hi there, this looks excellent and very well thought out. How would you best reccommend combing this with some kind of AJAX functionality? Would you combine it with Prototype? I’v been fiddlying with DOJO and I’d love to see Jquery work inside that or a simple way with Jquery to call other pages. The only thing DOJO misses eally is the way that you can select tags simply.

    thanks a lot for your efforts

  2. Cool thanks for that,althouh I’m finding at the moment just a simple AHAH type request is good enough for now.

    One more question (you can tell JS is not my thing right?),

    I’m returning an id –
    var feedtagsN = $(“#feedtags”)

    And I want to display the contents/value of this (input), am I missing something? I know I am…

    thanks again

    btw – for non uber-coders your library rocks, from a marketing point of you maybe this is a good postion for you (marketing is my thing).

  3. Mark: Currently, to acheive what you want – you’ll have to retreive the first element matched by jQuery, like so:
      var feedtagsN = $(“#feedtags”).get(0);
    Unfortunately, I really feel that this is too verbose – I’m going to be releasing some new methods, soon, which will shorten the above to:
    Which seems a lot more sane (if you ask me). I’ll be sure to contact you when this code is ready to be used.

  4. Thank you for the blog and mailing list. I joined both.

    I updated my website page on javascript news/links/trends to point to your mail list and blog. Congrats.

    As for using the library specifically, I will make use of the mail list for my questions.

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