Interface 1.1 Released

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The ever-popular, jQuery-based, Drag-and-Drop, Animation, and Widget library, Interface has just released version 1.1 to coincide with the release of jQuery 1.1.

Interface Color Picker

A couple things to note about this release:

  • The brand new animateClass, animateStyle, and animateColor handlers. You can now do an animation from one particular class, to another – and from one color, to another.
  • The speed of droppables and sortables has been vastly improved.
  • The documentation has been overhauled and is quite comprehensive now.
  • The download area has been reworked, and is completely interactive.
  • There’s a ton of demos to see. They’ve updated a bunch of the existing ones and added in some hot new ones, like: Color Picker, Image Cropper, Panorama View, and a Folder tree.

All-in-all, this is a fantastic release. If you haven’t taken the opportunity to check out Interface yet, I recommend that you do now.

21 thoughts on “Interface 1.1 Released

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  4. I have a problem with interface.

    When I want visite the site with my browser (Konqueror 3.5.5) the jscripts are eavily charge my CPU and I get this message :

    “A script on this page is causing KHTML to freeze. If it continues to run, other applications may become less responsive.
    Do you want to abort the script?”

    If I click continue it generaly works, but that message tell me that jquery or interface are cpu hungry with my browser without any reasons because I am just loading the page.

  5. jnoble on said:

    The sortable list seems to have a bug — which can be seen in the demo with re-arraging the item UL — where there’s a DIV called sortHelper which is inside the UL. The bug is that this item is visible (display:block), so if you drag an item up above the first item and release it, sometimes this “blank” item (really the DIV sortHelper, not a ), gets a line of its own. From there you can sometimes rearrange items so it shows up in the middle of the list, etc. I think the fix would be to have it be display:none, but I’m not sure where that would be changed in the code. Does my description make sense?

  6. jnoble on said:

    oops, tag-looking things get stripped. I meant to say “really the DIV, not a LI”. This is easily reproduceable across browsers, and should be easy to fix.

  7. Under opera – I see error-console a lot of… ;-((( Under older version – all was good ;(
    Opera 9.02 . Under FF, IE – no problem..

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