jQuery 1.6.2 Released

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jQuery 1.6.2 Released

jQuery 1.6.2 is now out! This is the second minor release on top of jQuery 1.6 and lands a number of fixes for bugs.

As usual, we provide two copies of jQuery, one minified and one uncompressed (for debugging or reading).

You can feel free to include the above URLs directly into your site and you will get the full performance benefits of a quickly-loading jQuery.

You can help us by dropping that code into your existing application and letting us know that if anything no longer works. Please file a bug and be sure to mention that you’re testing against jQuery 1.6.2.

We want to encourage everyone from the community to try and get involved in contributing back to jQuery core. We’ve set up a full page of information dedicated towards becoming more involved with the team. The team is here and ready to help you help us!

jQuery 1.6.2 Change Log

The current change log of the 1.6.2 release.


  • #9286: Using live submit on forms
  • #9298: $(elem).attr(eventName) not working properly in IE7
  • #9329: attr(“title”) issue in ie7
  • #9362: .attr(“value”) does not work for meter elements
  • #9468: $(‘form’).attr(‘class’) always return undefined in IE 6
  • #9499: removeClass will only remove the first instance of a class


  • #9301: Setting data() via an object with hyphenated keys create inaccessible data.
  • #9368: jQuery.camelCase() defined in css.js, but used more widely
  • #9471: memory leak noticed when loading jquey.1.6.1.min.js included html pages in the iframe


  • #7557: outerWidth()
  • #9237: .css() doesn’t work with relative values on hyphenated properties


  • #9300: outerWidth(true) issue


  • #9220: Animation Callbacks fire AFTER the next queue function executes.
  • #9678: setInterval cleared by animation



  • #8950: (Chrome, Firefox) Second argument (event empty) in jQuery throws error while creating <input>
  • #9370: Compatibility Issue with jQuery 1.6 and IE6


  • #9239: Version 1.6.0 breaks the background behavior on body element
  • #9440: v1.6.1 messes up layout in IE8

63 thoughts on “jQuery 1.6.2 Released

  1. Excellent job as always guys; you have my undying appreciation. I’ll be sure to pop this over to my apps and let you know if anything else goes awry.

  2. jQuery rocks. Keep up the good work guys.

    I’ve recently upgraded to 1.6.2 and had a couple of issues with the behavioural changes. Thought I’d write a quick note on those changes as it may help others.

    Notable behavioural changes in 1.6.2 versus 1.4.4:

    – attr(“…”) can now return null/undefined rather than “”

    – attr(“className”) should now be attr(“class”)

    – $(“[prop=value]”) no longer works where value is a complex value. Should now be $(“[prop=’value’]”)

    – css(“prop”, null) should now be css(“prop”, “”)

    – animate({ “line-height”: 25 }) should now be animate({ “line-height”: “25px” })

    – $(“#myCheckbox”).attr(“checked”) used to return “true” or “false”, now returns “checked” or null.

    There is undoubtedly more, but this may be of benefit to someone as a quick pointer.

  3. jquery1.6 is perfectly working with drupal6. guys good work. is there another version of the core coming in the near future or planned for jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile slide?

  4. Hi,

    Is there any change in validation plugins between 1.4.4 and 1.6.2?
    In jquery 1.4.4, it automatically does form validate plugins when clicked submit button, but in jquery 1.6.2 it does not show validation messages when submit button is clicked with this script as well

    $(document).ready(function () {
    $(‘input[type=submit]‘, ‘form’).click(function () {

  5. Zippen on said:

    Thanks Guys, You Make Life So Much Easier, Keep It Up. And I Will Update My Apps And See If Anything Goes BatSh*t :)