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jQuery Halloween Pumpkin

Created by jQuery user Christopher Pickert (of BigFishGames.com), he writes:

"Since Halloween is the perfect time to celebrate the black arts of web development, I carved a special jQuery pumpkin last night. I hope you enjoy it.

Our QA person said that he found a bug in the code, but I explained that it was because of the candle."

He continues:

I did carve that – it’s not photoshop. On an impulse I bought a little $7 battery-operated pumpkin saw at the grocery store, and it’s great because you can do small details more easily. So actually the hard part was drawing the characters first and getting them the right size.

Great work Christopher!

61 thoughts on “jQuery Pumpkin

  1. I’m late, but where on earth can you get a $7 pumpkin saw? I was thinking I’d have to go buy like a real sawzall for next year, or maybe a dremel.

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