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This month, the jQuery Foundation is celebrating our first year serving the web. As a not-for-profit trade association, we’re here to connect every business and individual that cares about jQuery and help them work together to ensure its continued success. Writing code and documentation, hosting trainings and conferences, and collaborating in the standards process. This makes jQuery better and it makes web development better.

jQuery is more than just a JavaScript library, it is a community and an integral part of the web developer’s toolset today. The jQuery Foundation exists in part to ensure this community continues to grow and thrive. Throughout this first year, we’ve invited companies to join the jQuery Foundation in support of this mission, and 14 companies have joined at various levels. We appreciate their commitment to jQuery and their support of its mission to support the libraries, their documentation, and our web standards advocacy.

Individual Membership Program

You can now join the jQuery Foundation as an individual member. Just as with companies, we have created various levels based on contributions. The benefits include buttons, stickers, badges, banners, discounted conference tickets, discounts from member companies, invites to members-only parties at conferences, and recognition on our member listing. We’ve prepared a thank you gift for each level to provide an extra incentive for folks to make an annual dues commitment.

Join Now

Badge of Honor

We’ve prepared badges and banners for our members to sport on their website, or their choice of social network. Huge thanks to Isaac Durazo (@isaacdm) from Bocoup for drawing these up.

What if I Can’t Contribute On A Recurring Basis?

The individual membership program is designed for those who want to contribute a set amount of dues to jQuery regularly, as well as enjoy the benefits of that membership. If that’s not what you’re looking for, we always welcome one-time donations (from companies or individuals) via PayPal and check at

Moving Forward

The jQuery team, together with the support of member companies have achieved tremendous success in Year One. We have tripled the number of conferences, gathering with communities around the globe (Asia, Europe, Canada, and UK). We have redesigned (nearly) all our web sites and made contributing to them as easy as contributing to code. We continue to wrangle bug queues and deliver smaller, faster, better tested, and more robust code. We have 4 official representatives at the W3C and ECMA TC39. We’ve managed to do this all in our first year, and we’re very much looking forward to what we can accomplish in the future. Join us!

6 thoughts on “Join the jQuery Foundation!

  1. Martijn on said:

    I would rather show no badge than a “only one star” badge. So the $100 is by no means an option for me… I’ll check if the company I work at, would like to join.

    Btw, the goodies, do they come “complementary” or are they paid for separately?

  2. Richard D. Worth on said:

    @Martijn: The gifts are complementary for all that pay dues. They are not available for purchase separately

    @jQuery Rocks: We’re thinking of doing some bonus gifts for one-time donations in the $25-50 range. But this would be unrelated to membership. Stay tuned.

  3. Isramap on said:

    @Richard D. Worth: its would be great to buy some bonus gifts for lower donations to our workers.

  4. Tendances de mode on said:

    Wow i LOVE the badges, the design is relly great !

    Congratulations Isaac, you are very talented :)

  5. Richard D. Worth on said:

    @marco tozzi The versions in this post are not, but members (will) receive a version that is