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Reading documentation, blogs, and forums are useful ways to learn how to use jQuery, but there is ultimately no substitute for actually writing code. That’s why we’ve been collaborating with Code School to create Try jQuery, a brand new introductory course with video and interactive examples to make it easier to take those first steps. Try jQuery Course Badge

Try jQuery walks you through the most fundamental building blocks of jQuery, from actually getting the library into your page to selecting, manipulating, and creating DOM elements, and reacting to user input. The entire experience takes place in the browser, so there’s live feedback on your code as you complete the exercises and learn the basics.

The course takes about three hours to complete, but you can take it all at your own pace. Best of all, Try jQuery is completely free! If you’d like to save your progress and earn badges, you can sign up with Code School.

We’re really glad to be able to provide new jQuery users with an easy way to get started. So if you’re looking to understand how to use jQuery — or know someone else who is — we hope Try jQuery helps get you in gear!

Should you encounter any trouble with the course, please contact Code School. If you’d like want to provide feedback on Try jQuery, you can get in touch with us at content at jquery dot com, and you can also reach out to Code School.

6 thoughts on “Try jQuery Interactive Course

  1. Lucas Pottersky on said:

    Level 3 onwards is not working correctly.

    Whenever you submit your code, it complains: “Hey, you forgot the document ready code. This code won’t do anything on your site!”.

  2. Hi Lucas. The Try jQuery worked for me. I finished the whole class in 2 days and had only 1 minor problem where it wouldn’t take my code and when I looked at the hint file, it was the same code. I did not have the document ready issue. Maybe they fixed it.