jQuery 1.5.2 Released

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jQuery 1.5.2 is now out! This is the second minor release on top of jQuery 1.5 and lands a number of fixes for bugs.

We would like to thank the following contributors that provided patches towards this release: azatoth, dmethvin, gnarf37, jaubourg, jboesch, jeresig, jessthrysoee, mathiasbynens, murz, rdworth, rwldrn, and timmywil.

We’d especially like to thank our bug triage team who assisted in narrowing down some of the important fixes needed for this release.


As usual, we provide two copies of jQuery, one minified and one uncompressed (for debugging or reading).

You can feel free to include the above URLs directly into your site and you will get the full performance benefits of a quickly-loading jQuery.

Additionally you can also load the URLs directly from Microsoft and Google’s CDNs:

Microsoft CDN: http://ajax.aspnetcdn.com/ajax/jQuery/jquery-1.5.2.min.js
Google CDN: https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.5.2/jquery.min.js

jQuery 1.5.2 Changelog

As this was a bug fix release there are no new features to report upon.

Closed Tickets

A full list of all bugs and tickets closed are as follows:

  • #6158 Fixed replaceWith from throwing errors on non existent elements.
  • #7340 We now use a single capturing handler to simulate bubbling focusin/focusout event on non-IE browsers. Allows native DOM methods to fire events other than the currently active one back into jQuery.
  • #8353 Reverted. Adds a catch block in resolveWith so that the finally block gets executed in IE7 and IE6. Fixes #8438 – an issue where the full functions stack wasn’t visible when debugging in Google Chrome.
  • #8380 Make it so that $(‘:text’) matches <input> as ‘type=text’ is the implied default.
  • #8421 Makes sure resolveWith can be called with only one parameter.
  • #8423 Never set X-Requested-With header automagically for cross-domain requests. Fixes an issue where all cross-domain ajax requests are pre-flighted and require extra additional options.
  • #8456 Fixed an issue where trigger(‘mouseover’) was no longer triggering mouseenter. We make sure parent is not null before crawling into its lap, so mouseenter is triggered on a mouseover event.
  • #8509 Makes URL regexp less overzealous and ensures it recognizes URL schemes which do not contain a conformant hierarchical structure (as per section 2.1.2 of http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2718.txt). Also adds about: and adobe air’s app: and app-storage: to the list of local protocols and provides a failover in case document.location is illformed.
  • #8536 Introduced submodules to the jQuery repository on GitHub.
  • #8381 Fixed .is(“div”) to work on disconnected nodes in IE 9.
  • #8316 Fixed .offset() setter on fixed elements in WebKit.
  • #3333 Fixed incorrect .css(“marginRight”) in WebKit.
  • #8692 Fixed an issue where the arguments object sometimes ended up with undefined values outside the $.when method.
  • #8346 Fixed a compatibility issue with jQuery.camelCase() and IE9 prefixes.
  • #8203 Removed some unnecessary nulling of elements done in the name of an IE memory cleanup.
  • #8519 Prevent the core makefile from applying minification if nothing in the code has actually changed.
  • #8587 Fixed the jQuery-git.js cron-job to ensure that it is being regularly updated.
  • #8635 Corrected an issue with Firefox 3.6 where an issue with getComputedStyle() was resulting in uncaught exceptions.

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