14 Days of jQuery and the New API Browser

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It’s the start of a new year, and the jQuery team’s been hard at work. We’ve been up day and night working to crank out the upcoming jQuery 1.4 release, and there’s a LOT to announce! So much, in fact, that we’ll need fourteen full days to get it all out there… As such, I’d like to announce The 14 Days of jQuery 1.4!

The New jQuery 1.4 Site

Beginning on January 14th, we’ll start a fourteen-day event. Each day we’ll have fresh videos and announcements — there’ll be code releases, project-related updates, and jQuery UI goodness, among other things. In addition to the announcements, we’ll also be releasing a set of videos over the 14 days with talks and tutorials relating the jQuery 1.4 release and other general jQuery topics. You’ll want to check back at jQuery14.com every day during the two weeks to see what’s new, or sign up to be notified via email. Think of it like an online conference, only longer, freer, and with a bit of mystery and suspense!

But Wait, There’s More!

We’ve got a lot planned for January 14th, but it seemed good to whet your appetite and pre-release some tasty jQuery morsels. Head over to jQuery14.com to learn all about the brand-new jQuery API site:

Be sure to subscribe to the jQuery14.com site or to the @jquery Twitter account for all the updates during these upcoming weeks.

Free Books, Anyone?

The jQuery project is a non-profit, open-source effort, and we rely heavily on donations and contributions to help fund everything we do. We’ll be running a fundraising drive starting now and throughout the 14 Days of jQuery. If you’re a jQuery user, show your support by making a tax-deductible donation of $20 USD or more to the project during the event, and you’ll receive a free jQuery book with your donation.

It’s always important to mention that much of this would not be possible without the help of the jQuery project sponsors; Netflix, JupiterIT Consulting, appendTo, Fusionary Media and Oxide Design Co have all signed on as official sponsors of the 14 Days of jQuery 1.4, along with our favorite jQuery book publishers, Manning, Packt, jQuery Enlightenment, and O’Reilly.

That’s it for now — head on over to jQuery14.com for much more to come!

14 thoughts on “14 Days of jQuery and the New API Browser

  1. Marco Rogers on said:

    I love the donation idea. Good thing I waited to buy the Javascript Ninja book. I definitely plan to participate.

  2. Thanks for the all the hard work by the jQuery team :) I’ve donated as I appreciated the work you guys are doing. yayquery ftw

  3. Was thrilled to bits when I heard about it on twitter, well done guys been waiting for the official 1.4 release to open up it’s new OOP power.

    I’ll definitely be participating and will probably donate knowing me, looking forward to the 14th!

  4. @Ingo same here, I think it’s more likely that they are waiting till the end and just doing it in a batch, It’s what I’d do.

  5. Miguel Oliveira on said:

    I’ve donated and don’t get the book… Maybe I did it to soon, before the 14 days, I didn’t notice the starting date because the link to donate is already working before the starting date. But don’t prejudice me for doing the donation to soon :(

  6. To those of you asking about the books:

    Books will be distributed *after* the 14 Days campaign ends; we’ll work on getting some out earlier, but if you don’t hear anything about it until then, nothing’s wrong :)

    If you’ve got questions about your book, feel free to email sponsorship AT jquery.com.