What Bug Needs to be Fixed for jQuery 1.4?

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Want to make sure that your “favorite” jQuery bug is fixed in time for the upcoming 1.4 release? Then tell the jQuery dev team using the below form.

19 thoughts on “What Bug Needs to be Fixed for jQuery 1.4?

  1. Jean-Philippe on said:

    Since my business is still stuck with IE6 anything that can alievate bugs in rendering or else for IE6.

  2. Speednet on said:

    I submitted ticket #5372, which is related to glitches in the slideXXX() methods.

    So many Web sites that use jQuery use the slide methods to animate dynamic panels, that this would easily be my #1 fix for the new version of jQuery.

    The current slide methods are really great, but they are still buggy, particularly when the element being shown or hidden is surrounded by other elements that have padding and/or margins. Compounding the issue is if the element being shown/hidden has its own padding and/or margins.

    It is an extremely tricky issue to deal with, but that’s why we all use jQuery — so we don’t have to build and re-build all that tricky code ourselves.

    Aside from the display:block issues within tables that ticket deals with, the issue with margins and padding (that affects all elements, not just tables) makes elements jump on the page before and after the slide is done, and sometimes the worst behavior is that after an element is hidden, the elements above and below inappropriately remove all the padding and/or margins between them, wrecking the layout.

    I know that this issue can be addressed by the developer by inserting wrapping elements and being very careful about which elements have margins and padding, but this is really something that jQuery should handle.

    I have no idea if it’s a viable solution, but maybe jQuery can insert the extra wrappers if they are necessary. There must be some solution that doesn’t require all kinds of crazy manipulation on the part of the HTML coder.

  3. How about fixing the problem with not being able to animate the background-position property?

  4. For those of you saying drop IE6 Support, please consider those of us who have customers who, for whatever reason, will not upgrade. Remember, these are CUSTOMERS we’re talking about. Dropping support for their browser will send them somewhere else. I do have a gentle upgrade suggestion on the site in the form of a “Yellow Bar” (slides down using jQuery), but that’s abou the best I can do.

    Currently our site gets 85% of its traffic from Internet Explorer, and 24% of that is from IE6 users… that’s a lot of money for us.

    Some of us also maintain corporate intranets… get this, they still run IE6 at a LOT of commercial organizations.

    Improve IE6 support until that browser is eradicated.

  5. If people are griping about dropping IE6 [even YouTube is dropping support for IE6] how about you accept a deprecated API status for IE6 in 1.4 and if necessary a plugin for IE6 in 1.4 but complete removal in 1.4.1?

  6. too_much_work on said:

    In preparation for HTML 5, we need “attribute name begins with”, not just “attribute value begins with”, which is what we currently have.

    HTML 5 allows tags to have data-xxx attributes, where xxx is a name of your choosing. It would be nice to have a selector for all attributes beginning with “data-“. To avoid conflicts between such custom attributes, the same “attribute name begins with” selector could also be used to find “data-abc”, where abc is a substring you prepend to attributes YOU coded / care about (allowing you to find data-abcthis, data-abcthat and data-abcsomethingelse).

  7. IE6 support is great, and one of the best draws to using jQuery in the first place. Got a feature that needs to be compatible with IE6 and client won’t take no for an answer? Use jQuery! How great is that?

    I’m all for progressive enhancement that degrades gracefully for IE6, but it still needs to work.