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The jQuery team has been working hard on the new release of the jQuery library and it’s ready for some in-depth testing! jQuery 1.3 is not ready for production use yet but we need help to weed out any bugs that might’ve snuck through.


A copy of jQuery 1.3b1 can be found here:

Please don’t use minified or packed versions of jQuery when testing – it makes locating bugs difficult.

Major Areas of Change

Here are some of the areas that have seen major changes and are most likely to cause problems in your code:

  • Selector Engine – The selector code has undergone a complete rewrite – it’s likely that some edge cases still exist here.
  • DOM Manipulation (append/prepend/before/after) – This code has also undergone a large rewrite along with some of the logic for executing inline script elements.
  • .offset() – Another method that has been completely rewritten.
  • Event Namespaces – The logic for handling namespaced events has been completely rewritten.
  • Event Triggering – When triggering an event the event now bubbles up the DOM – this is likely to cause some problems.

While we won’t get into the particulars of all the new features that are in jQuery 1.3 (we’ll do that later, when it’s ready for final release – scheduled for January 14th) we do appreciate any/all feedback that you can provide.

How to provide feedback:

  • Submit a bug to the jQuery bug tracker (you will need to create an account, first).
  • Be sure to include a simple test case for any problem that you’re experiencing (either attach the test case or provide a link).
  • Mention that you’re testing “jQuery 1.3 Beta 1” (otherwise your ticket will get confused with another release).
  • Email a link to your test case and bug report to the jQuery Dev list so that the dev team will be notified about your issue.

Thanks to everyone, in advance, for all your help in testing this release. We’re really excited about this release and can’t wait to get it into your hands.

26 thoughts on “Help Test jQuery 1.3 Beta 1

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  2. Tane Piper on said:

    Congratulations to all in the jQuery team for finally getting here. It’s been great to follow the progress on the mailing list and some of the great discussions about the future of jQuery that have come up.

    Can’t wait to test it out and provide some feedback

  3. My guess is that the more bug reports will be filed if the process is simpler. I realise this means more work on the development side of things, so you may be happy with the current level of bug reporting. If you want to stimulate more bug reports, it might be worth simplifying the process.

  4. Where can we post bugs or comments on sizzle?
    I have spent some time figuring out that the problem I had was that for some reason img[src=test.gif] was returning 0 items because of the dot.

  5. I am a big fan of JQuery 1.2.6. Will give a try on the 1.3. Looking forward for the release.

    BTW, it is probably not in this release, but would be great to have micro templating in jQuery. John Resig’ simple example is so powerful (when used with a good server side component model).

    Thank you guys for your hard work, you definitely make the web a better place!

  6. Ryan Zec on said:

    About the comments about making is smaller, it looks like(with packer compression) it has gona from 30.7K to 36.2K. When you compare it to say prototype(which is at 81.k), dojo(which is at 50.8k for the dojo base, not the toolkit), and mootools(which is at 42.2k) jQuery still beat them all in size.

    I also don’t care about the core size until it is reaching something like 50K and then i would start asking questions about why it is getting so bigger.

  7. Andrey Skvortsov on said:

    IE7 on Vista- extjs/FormPanel:
    Stop running this script?

    A script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly.
    If it continues to run, your computer might become


  8. Andrey Skvortsov on said:

    It seems attribute Sizzle.filter+”attribute selector” not work for XML documents.Something like “element[a=b]” on xml just hangs “filter()”.


  9. Andrey Skvortsov on said:

    On Sizzle.filter,line:
    for ( var i = 0; (item = curLoop[i]) !== undefined; i++ ) {

    you use strict “!==”,so you’ll get “true” if curLoop[i] is “null”.But for xml node lists access to not existent element in list result “null” not “undefined”,like in html dom.
    Maybe you want to gain another millisecond,but in this case just do “!=”,it’s enough and correct IMHO.


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  11. Mathias on said:

    As for the comments about size, I agree with Ryan Zec. jQuery still is pretty damn lightweight, and I for one don’t mind sacrificing a few (kilo)bytes for more stability and better functionality.

    Oh, but here’s a tip. I repacked the good ol’ jQuery 1.2.6 version with “shrink variables” enabled. That managed to decrease the already minified file size with another 20 percent! (Compression results: 43900 / 55096 = 0.797)

    Might be useful for future minified releases… Just enable the “shrink variables” option.

  12. I’m very sorry that you’ve removed cache for all browsers in Sizzle (even optional). Now Peppy has real changes to be the fastest CSS selectors library. Of course if we don’t take yass into consideration.

  13. all is work fine in jquery 1.26
    but 1.31 beta error as follow

    expr = expr.replace(/\s*,\s*/, “”);

    // Improper expression
    if ( expr == old ) {
    throw “Syntax error, unrecognized expression: ” + expr;

    old = expr;

  14. On line 1012 the radix is missing in parseInt( value )!
    And why don’t you use the isNaN() function there?

    @sunnybear: Caching slows down dom manipulations a lot! I think it’s good that they removed it.