Help Test jQuery 1.1.3

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A test build of the upcoming 1.1.3 release is ready for everyone to try. We need to be super-sure that there haven’t been any regressions in this release, and in order to do that we’d like you to download this alpha release and try it in place of jQuery 1.1.2 (wherever you may be using it).

Download the test release:

Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Download the test release of jQuery 1.1.3
  2. Temporarily replace your copy of jQuery 1.1.2 with this test release in some of your web pages
  3. If something is now broken, please submit a ticket letting us know what happened. The more specific you can be, the better (demos or test cases are highly desired).

Note Pay special attention to Events, Selectors, and Animations; significant changes happened in all three of those areas, so if there’s any place where a regression is possible, it would be more likely to occur in there.

Once we’re confident that there’s no new bugs, we’ll be releasing jQuery 1.1.3 fully (hopefully some time this week).

12 thoughts on “Help Test jQuery 1.1.3

  1. CTAPbIu_MABP on said:

    plugin flash [] no more works(((

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  3. Gabriel on said:

    Can we get some release notes so we know which areas to test more rigorously? It would be nice to know what is going to change.

  4. Tony Chen on said:

    There are some problems:

    1. In fix function: line 2965 and 2975 assign to event.which, but in mozilla and opera that the event.which is read-only.

    2. There are some plugins check function XMLHttpRequest for IE, but it had been removed from release 1.1.3a.
    Ex. Thickbox 3: if ( !(jQuery.browser.msie && typeof XMLHttpRequest == ‘function’)) { // take away IE6

  5. Bharanikumar on said:

    Hi Friends,

    Couple of days am trying to implement JQuery into drupal, but still am

    Not find success path, any one please tell me, How to use the Jquery

    In Drupal,

    What i want is , form submit without page refresh