New jQuery Project Team Members

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The jQuery team would like to welcome our newest team members, Yehuda Katz, Nate Cavanaugh, & Klaus Hartl. These three developers have made invaluable contributions to the jQuery projects in terms of time, knowledge and commitment to the community.

Yehuda is a developer living in New York City who maintains the web site Visual jQuery, and publishes the Visual jQuery Magazine. Additionally, he’s a frequent contributor to the jQuery Blog and promoter of good practices within the jQuery core. As a member of the evangelism team he’s working to help people discover jQuery; actively trying to find and promote jQuery to new users.

Nate is a designer living in California. He was responsible for the recent redesign of the jQuery site. He’s going to be helping to design new portions of the site, and help to bring outdated portions of the site inline with the rest. He’s also working to take a critical look at how using jQuery, as a design tool, can help to promote Unobtrusive design principals.

Klaus has been one of the most vocal supporter of jQuery and unobtrusive design on the jQuery mailing list. His ability to expertly explain quality, unobtrusive, solutions to problems is invaluable will be a tremendous boon to the jQuery project. Klaus will be working with both the Evangelism & Dev teams, to help promote jQuery and expand its reach as well as maintaining Thickbox and the Tabs plugin. He will also be spearheading the effort to make Tabs an official plugin.

We’re very pleased to be working with all of you and welcome you to the jQuery team.