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Voting is now closed! Thanks, everyone, for your input! The results can be found here: jQuery Button Contest Winners.

The next round of the jQuery Button Contest is upon us! After some careful deliberation, the judges have narrowed the playing field of 123 jQuery button submissions down to just 30. We were completely overwhelmed with both the quality and quantity of submission and would like to personally thank everyone who participated. There were a ton of excellent entries but ultimately the following 30 buttons were chosen due to their clarity, composition, and originality.

Now it’s your turn to help! In order to narrow the results down to the final three, winning, buttons we need you to vote for which buttons that you like. You’re allowed to vote for as many buttons as you’d like, but only once.

Vote for your favorite buttons:

Your votes are tracked and only counted once – but feel free to vote for as many buttons as you wish.

The polls will be closed Monday 11:59pm (EST, GMT -0500). So get your voting in now – and make your decision count!

10 thoughts on “Vote for the jQuery Button

  1. #10 has a number of things going for it:
    – small footprint
    – unobtrusive design is likely to have a low impact on a given site’s aesthetic. Other choices might compete or downright overwhelm an existing design.
    – relies on convention. This familiar button standard has come to carry the inherent meaning of “powered by”. It’s always effective to say something without having to actually say it.

  2. Some are too big or downright ugly. Voted for #2 and #10, but looking again #18 is great too. Test these on different backgrounds as well.

    Following convention (particularly in terms of size) is good, too, as people normally place a few buttons together.

  3. Kind of curious why there are a number of duplicates of the same design (1 and 2, 4 and 5, 21 and 22, etc.). Seems to me the choices could have been narrowed down somewhat by eliminating such redundancy, then tweaking the final design to suit if necessary.

    At any rate, I agree that the smaller buttons such as 3 and 10 will be easier to consider within the overall design of sites. Additionally, I am particular to “powered by JQuery” as opposed to “JQuery powered”, though that’s admittedly a mere personal preference.

    That all said, though, of the choices here I really like the general arrangement and color division of 20. Very professional without being overbearing.

  4. Marshall Salinger on said:

    Keep in mind that the example size for the contest was 173×31. This is a standard size. I think that was why most designs were done at this size. People took it upon themselves to create the smaller buttons.

    I am sure that any of the buttons that were styled at 173×31 could also have a design that is similar at 88×31 or 80×15.

    Also part of the spec was to use “powered by jQuery”. Not “jQuery powered” or the slogan “New Wave Javascript”.

    Anyways, nice buttons and congrats to all that made it this far!!!

  5. Something to think about:

    How long you’d enjoy looking at the image?
    How flixible is the image for placement in many different site designs?
    What’s the direction of jQuery’s brand, and how does it support that?

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  7. Well.. I must say its pretty cool that I won :)

    Minimalist smart looking buttons are where its at. I tried to fit them with the same style as the ones at the bottom of

    I don’t know who first came up with the style of button, but I think it works really well with all web technologies. Hats off to the style creator :)

    Picaso – “A good artist borrows, but a great artist steals”