Death to JavaScript Rock Stars!

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We’ve been listening to your feedback today, about the new jQuery site redesign and one thing has become clear:

Death to JavaScript Rock Stars!

Poor dude didn’t even last 24 hours. We wanted to have some fun with the home page, but this bordered on a little too “extreme” for most tastes.

We plan on bringing some further revisions to the homepage in the future, but in the meantime here’s a quick overhaul, put together by the always-excellent Scott Jehl, that’ll help tide everyone over:

jQuery Homepage

As a token of our appreciation for sticking with the “JavaScript Rock Star” for a day we’ve included a little Easter Egg in the new site. It would be useful if you knew the Konami Code.

Naturally, the whole redesign still has many tweaks that’ll be made over the next couple weeks, especially to individual page fonts, font sizes, and colors.

I want to, once again, thank Scott Jehl for all the hard work that he’s been putting in to the site design – and the excellent Varick Rosete (of nGenWorks and Happy Webbies) for the great illustration that he drew for us.

Here’s to many happy days of rockin’ out with jQuery!

156 thoughts on “Death to JavaScript Rock Stars!

  1. Guys Have you seen your page in IE 7??? It’s a complete mess… I can’t even read this post… I had to reload it in Firefox to write this message.

  2. Like Joshua, I have had to use Firefox rather than IE 7 to view the jQuery site. It simply doesn’t work in IE 7, which is a real no-no for a tool which makes cross-browser functionality easy!

    The blogs work OK, but all of the sub-sites have the footer obscuring the main text (at the top of the page!) and longer pages have the text going way past the white background, in both columns (and black text on charcoal background definitely doesn’t work!).

    I really like the site design (and I LOVE jQuery), but you really need to sort out the IE 7 compatibility.

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